Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP)


Legacy of Grace – Student Tuition Organization (LOG-STO)

  • Tuition grants are given to students living in households with income that does not exceed an amount equal to 3x the federal poverty guideline for their family size. The LOG-STO Application is available each spring in March with a deadline of April 30th. LOG-STO tuition grants will be applied to the next school year.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

  • Families new to Christian education can receive a reduction of tuition for the first two years provides the opportunity to gradually adjust to the financial investment while experiencing the value that SCS provides.
    • 1st year – 2/3 reduction in tuition
    • 2nd year – 1/3 reduction in tuition
    • 3rd year – Full tuition price

Iowa 529 Scholarship Plan

  • Using the Iowa-specific 529 plan, an Iowa taxpayer can get a state-tax deduction on up to 3,319 contributions per account.

SCS Sibling Discount

  • 2nd Child is 90% of the first child
  • 3rd Child is 75% of the first child
  • 4th Child is 60% of the first child