Christian education… an investment in eternity!

Christian education is an investment in your child’s spiritual foundation and academic education. We strive to make Christian education affordable and available to all families by offering various payment plans (monthly, by semester, by year), need-based tuition assistance, and discounts.

Tuition is applied per student enrolled, fees are applied per family (not by individual student.)

2023-2024 school year tuition

Transitional Kindergarten (Five-Year-Old Program)

Two Day Program: $2675 | $267.50/month

Tuesday & Thursday full days (8:30am -3:30pm)

Kindergarten through 8th grade

Progressive Kindergarten $5,482.50 | $548.25/month

1st student (full-time K – 8th) $6,450.00 | $645.00/month

2nd student $5,805.00 | $580.50/month

3rd student $4,837.50 | $483.75/month

4th student $3870.00 | $387.00/month

2023-2024 family fees

Field Trip Fee: $400

Activity Fee: $100

  • if TK student only – just the activity fee is charged

Fees NOT covered:

Individual student participation expenses that are by choice and not expected of by SCS.   Examples listed:

  • Athletic Fees (L-S or PCGS)
  • 8th Grade Trip/Graduation Banquet
  • Fundraiser Participation


We offer bus transportation for our families within 10 miles of school. The bus fee schedule is based on the distance to keep transportation affordable for our families. Fees will be covered in the enrollment process with the bus board.