Admissions | (641) 594-4180

Our Admissions office will share information with interested prospective parents and can coordinate a visit with a parent meeting.

Employment | (641) 594-4180

Applicants can find open job application forms online under the “Employment Opportunities” tab or email a resume and cover letter to the Education Committee.

Fundraising | (641) 594-4180

The Advancement Committee promotes and supports Sully Christian School through fundraising events, boosters, and family fellowship activities.

Tuition | (641) 594-4180

Our Finance Office will handle any questions regarding tuition, payments, and billing.

T.R.I.P | (641) 891-5975

For questions about the Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP) to help reduce the cost of tuition, please contact the TRIP Coordinator, Candy Van Zante.


Sully Christian School 12629 S 92nd Ave E Sully, IA 50251