Faith Formation


Chapel is held every Friday morning from 8:40-9:00 am in the school gym for K-8th Grade. The students experience worship time together and enjoy interactive messages from our chapel leader or speakers/guest pastors from the area. Each classroom gets the opportunity to plan and lead a chapel service.

Prayer Partners

At the beginning of the school year, every older student is paired with a younger student. These prayer partner groups create a family-like atmosphere. This further creates a family-like atmosphere where the students get to know one another better. The older student in each group also has the valuable opportunity of mentoring the younger students in their group. Friday afternoon is our dedicated prayer partner time. The student prayer partners participate in bonding and team-building activities while learning to love and care for one another in prayer and student-led service projects.

Faith Journals

Students are given Faith Journals in kindergarten and are encouraged to journal about their faith journey through the years at Sully Christian. This spiritual practice creates an opportunity for students to reflect and examine their growth as a Christian as they mature and prepare for high school.