Sarah Christensen & Jessica Cunningham

Mrs. Shultz – Bday: Jan 25

10/27/22 – Food for teachers during October P-T Conferences.

First & Second

Shelly Rankin & Bethany Tanke

Mrs. Hunter – Bday: May 26

Mrs. VZ – Bday: Jan. 14

12/8/22 – Cookies/drinks following the Christmas concert.

Third & Fourth

Amy Van Weelden & Hillary Engbers

Mrs. VP – Bday: Feb. 29

 4/20/23 – Cookies/drink following the Spring concert.

Seventh & Eighth

Julie Van Wyk & Candice Vos

Mrs. De Vries – Bday: Aug 28

Mrs. Veenstra – Bday: Jan. 20

Mrs. Rozendaal – Bday: May 24

5/1/23 – Recognize teachers (food/gift, etc.) during Teacher’s Appreciation Week.

Fifth & Sixth

Kallie Van Zee & Stephanie Dykema

Mr. K – Bday: Jan. 20th

Mr. Vos – Bday: Nov. 9th

3/30/23 – Food for teachers during March P-T Conferences.

“Thank You” for volunteering your time to be a Room Mom

Attached is the Room Mom Document as a refresher on the duties of a Room Mom and opportunities available to help assist the teachers. The Activity Fee provided to you helps cover the cost of class parties, field trip snacks, and teacher gifts: Christmas/Birthday without asking parents for additional contributions.