Doers of the Word

The last part of our vision model at Sully Christian is being Doers of the Word.  How can the staff actually challenge students to do what the Word says? In John 1:1, John writes: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  If we are to teach students to be doers of the Word, they must first understand what the meaning of “Word” is!  We know that John is speaking of Jesus Christ when he uses the word “Word”.  Jesus was with God in the beginning, and Jesus is God.  Jesus is also the perfect example of man in every way.  When He set aside His glory and came to earth as a man, He spoke the very words that God gave Him to speak.  Therefore, He is the Word of God, both in action and in speech.

When we talk with our students about being doers of the Word, we are not just emphasizing they live out the words of scripture in their lives.  We also want them to see that they are to be like Jesus!  And likewise, we are called to be like Jesus to our students!  We have all been placed in a community where we are called to serve one another.  We each have a community within our own family, friends and church.  

School is also a place of community, and students (and teachers) can and should learn to be like Jesus by living out their calling of serving one another.  Our teachers lovingly guide students and encourage them to show respect, grace, and encouragement to their peers.  Students are encouraged to apologize when they have hurt feelings, give grace when mistakes are made, and encourage in fun and wonderful ways throughout the year!  We are definitely not perfect, but we want to be doers of the Word!  We want to be just like our perfect example in Jesus Christ and serve people in the same way, by loving, forgiving, speaking truth, and giving hope!  

Thank you for following along with these articles as we articulate our vision for our students at SCS!  We hope that every graduate of SCS is academically equipped when they begin high school.  But more importantly, we hope they have stored away true knowledge, have developed Christlike character, and are equipped to be doers of the Word!  To God be all the glory!